About the Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has been making grants since 1967 to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world.

The Hewlett Foundation At A Glance
(as of December 31, 2009)

Total Assets: $6.87 billion
Total dollar amount of grants and gifts awarded in 2009: $235,100,000
Total dollar amount of grants and gifts disbursed in 2009: $345,190,721
Total number of grants and gifts awarded in 2009: 596
Average grant amount in 2009: $397,225
Median grant amount in 2009: $150,000
Number of employees: 104


This year, President Paul Brest’s essay focuses on the newly announced integrated Global Development and Population Program. After more than a year of consultation and planning, the Global Development Program and the Population Program started taking steps to integrate their work into a unified program, recognizing that the work they conduct is mutually beneficial and reinforcing. You can read the essay here and read more about the program integration on our website here.

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