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Evaluations of the Quality Education in Developing Countries Initiative

The following evaluations have been conducted on the Quality Education in Developing Countries Initiative. Findings from these evaluations are summarized in a Synthesis Report prepared by the Hewlett Foundation.

  • Aga Khan Foundation & African Population and Health Research Center: East Africa Quality Education Learning (Kenya & Uganda): Final Report - Dataset
  • Institute for Popular Education & Research Triangle Institute: Read, Learn Lead (Mali): Final Report English Endline - Final Report French Endline - Final Report Cost Analysis
  • Pratham & J-PAL: Read India (India): Final Report
  • Karnataka Government & Stanford University: Nali Kali (India): Working Paper
  • Harvard University: Health and Literacy Intervention* (Kenya): Draft final report; Policy Brief
  • Innovations for Poverty Action: Teacher Community Assistant Initiative (Ghana): Presentation
  • Mango Tree & University of Michigan: Northern Uganda Literacy Program* (Uganda): Report pending, available here and here
  • Prajayatna & Stanford University* (India): Policy Brief
  • Raising Voices & London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: Good Schools Toolkit* (Uganda): Baseline here. Final Report
  • Tostan & Stanford University* (Senegal): Report pending, not yet available
  • Associates in Research and Education for Development & Dalberg (Senegal): Final Report English - Final Report French
  • Strømme Foundation & Innovations for Poverty Action: Speed School program: Summary Report English – Final Report French
  • Improving Learning in Primary Schools of Developing Countries: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Experiments: Final Report
  • Management Systems International: Early Learning Innovation Fund Evalution: Final Report