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Annual Reports

2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report online

2011 President's Statement:
The State of the Hewlett Foundation

2009 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report online

2009 President's Statement:
The Hewlett Foundation's Integrated Global Development and
Population Programs


2008 AR

2008 Annual Report online

In 2008 we took the Annual Report to an online-only format

2008 President's Statement:
Forms of Philanthropic Support: The Centrality of Alignment


2006 Annual Report 

2006 President's Statement:
Creating an Online Information Marketplace for Giving



2005 Annual Report

2005 President's Statement:
On Collaboration (Or How Many Foundations Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?)



2004 Annual Report 

2004 President's Statement:

The Hewlett Foundation's Global Commitments



2003 Annual Report 

2003 President's Statement:

Update on the Hewlett Foundation's Approach to Philanthropy: The Importance of Strategy



2002 Annual Report 

2002 President's Statement:

Reconciling Strategic Philanthropy with General Operating Support



2001 Annual Report 

2001 President's Statement:

The Foundation's Approach to Philanthropy



2000 Annual Report 

2000 President's Statement:

An Invitation to Improve the Effectiveness of the Nonprofit Sector



1999 Annual Report 

1999 President's Statement:

The Hewlett Foundation's Strategic Planning Process