The Hewlett Foundation Fellows Program

Fellows pictured from left to right: Rachel Quint (Global Development and Population), Angela Whitney (Environment), Elisha Smith Arrillaga (Effective Philanthropy), Sheena Johnson (Performing Arts), Jacqueline Nader (Education) (Full Size)

The Hewlett Foundation is committed to doing what it can to strengthen the field of philanthropy. We do this through grantmaking in our Effective Philanthropy Group and by constantly striving to learn and improve our own practices. The Hewlett Foundation Fellows Program is an example of the latter.

While the Foundation has long had a practice of hiring fellows, we revamped our Fellows program in January 2013 to focus more clearly on developing the next generation of philanthropic and nonprofit leaders and, in the process, to enhance our grantmaking by bringing in new ideas, perspectives, and energy.

The program offers fellows an opportunity to inform and enrich their understanding of philanthropy and of specific subject matter by being directly involved with grantmaking in the Foundation’s areas of interest, while offering fresh insights and outside expertise and capacity to the Foundation and its programs. Fellows are early to mid-career professionals with strong research and critical thinking skills who are interested in exploring a future career in philanthropy or in one of the Foundation’s areas of interest.

Each Fellow is assigned to one of the Foundation’s five programs for a three-year term. They have two main goals: deepen their own understanding of philanthropy and contribute to the grantmaking, strategic planning, communications, and collaboration practices of their program.

Fellows work closely with program officers and directors on specific initiatives. Their role varies by program, but often includes managing grants, leading research or communications projects, designing new monitoring and evaluation practices, and establishing collaborative projects across programs.

 “The Fellows serve two purposes,” says Hewlett Foundation President Larry Kramer. “From an external perspective, they help strengthen their sector over time. Internally, they are a bridge—or perhaps it’s more precise to say a network of bridges—helping better connect us to new and emerging ideas outside the Foundation, and to the communities we serve.”

Elisha Smith Arrillaga, Fellow for the Effective Philanthropy Group, talks about her experience in the Fellows program.


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