Elisha Smith Arrillaga

Program Fellow, Effective Philanthropy Group

Elisha Smith Arrillaga is a Fellow in the Effective Philanthropy Group. She is responsible for a portfolio of grants that support San Francisco Bay Area youth serving organizations and another portfolio of grants designed to help Hewlett grantees incorporate elements of the Foundation’s outcomes-focused approach into strategic planning and other activities. Additionally, she serves as a resource to staff on evaluation, supports Foundation-wide learning activities, and conducts research that informs the Effective Philanthropy Group’s strategic planning.

Elisha joins the Hewlett Foundation after more than ten years of experience providing technical assistance to nonprofit organizations and other government agencies, including First 5 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Universal Preschool, and REDF, a San Francisco based organization that creates employment opportunities for people facing the greatest barriers to work. Elisha has also worked for several college access programs, such as the Princeton University Preparatory Program, and she has taught and consulted on evaluation as a Fellow at the Community Based Learning Initiative and the United States Office of Management and Budget. Elisha earned her Ph.D. in public affairs from Princeton University, an M.S. in survey methodology from the University of Maryland at College Park, and her B.A. in mathematics from Smith College. She is especially excited by opportunities to authentically engage communities in decision making and strongly believes in the importance of communities and organizations working together to co-create change.