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Peter Belden

Program Officer, Global Development and Population Program

Peter Belden

Peter Belden is a passionate reproductive rights leader dedicated to reducing unplanned pregnancy and improving access to abortion.  Peter joined the Hewlett Foundation in July 2005. He brings with him nearly two decades of experience focused on family planning, population and reproductive rights.

Peter has been an outspoken champion for a number of innovative projects within the field, including the use of storytelling as a means of cultural and political change, interventions to increase the use of IUDs and implants, as well as increasing access to the copper IUD as a more effective form of emergency contraception.  

Peter’s background includes several years as a policy advocate and lobbyist at the state and federal level with Planned Parenthood, Virginia NARAL and the National Wildlife Federation.  He brings subject area expertise and experience as a board leader and on-the-ground health center manager.

Before coming to the Foundation, Peter managed the San Mateo, CA health center for Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, leading 14 staff and serving over 1,000 clients each month. Prior to that, Peter served for two years as Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in San Jose, California.

Peter has also worked abroad, spending a summer in Mali at Population Services International, where he wrote a marketing plan and developed success metrics for health center franchises. During his two-year tenure as a fellow at the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID) Office of Population, in Washington, D.C., Peter traveled in India, Nepal, and Kenya to evaluate family planning service delivery projects in those countries. After completing the fellowship at USAID, Peter was hired as the National Wildlife Federation's Population Specialist, advocating on domestic and international family planning policy.

Peter is a member of the Board of Directors of Teen Success, Inc., Vice Chair of the Board of the California Family Health Council and serves as Co-Chair of the Population Working Group for the Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health & Rights. He previously served as Chair of the Board of Directors of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, Board Fellow at Acterra, Population Issue Chair for the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club, and a member of the Sierra Club's National Population Mentors Committee.

Peter received an M.B.A. from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford and a B.A. with honors from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton. Peter is an avid windsurfer, is fluent in French and conversant in Mandarin Chinese.



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