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Exploring The Hewlett Foundation's Grants

The Hewlett Foundation is committed to grantmaking that is as transparent to the public as possible. As part of that effort, the Foundation publishes information about its grants in a variety of ways.

Interactive Grants Tool
This tool allows you to explore the Foundation’s grants and grantmaking trends over time using new tools that allow visitors to visualize data. Learn more about how to use the interactive grants tool by watching this instructional video.

Click here to use the tool:


Search our Grants Database
Search grants by keywords, year, program, and/ or region in our traditional database.

Foundation Center Maps
Working with the Foundation Center we provide maps so you can sort our grants by a wide variety of criteria.

Direct Charitable Activities
Direct charitable activities (DCAs) are philanthropic activities that the Foundation engages in directly, rather than by making grants to grantees. Under IRS regulations, the expenses associated with DCAs count as part of a foundation’s qualifying distributions and must be reported annually on IRS Form 990-PF.  

As part of our commitment to transparency, the Foundation is publishing this overview of DCAs from 2013, including descriptions of individual DCAs in excess of $100,000.