For Grantees

The Hewlett Foundation has a Grantee Report Center, which will help streamline your reporting process. 

This Web site allows grantees to submit reports electronically to the Foundation. In addition, it allows grantees to view reporting requirements for their specific grant, and check on the status and due dates of past and future reports.

Please follow these steps to submit your reports:

1. Go to the Grantee Report Center.

2. You will be prompted to enter your grant reference number and the grant amount. (This information is noted in your grant agreement letter.)

3. You should only submit two documents – one containing all elements of the narrative report, and one containing the financial report. Once you have logged in, to view details of what should be included in your reports, click on "Reporting Requirements".

4. If you have additional documents to submit (beyond those described above), please send them to the appropriate Program Associate or Program Officer at the Foundation.

We kindly ask all grantees to submit reports through this website.