Grantee Feedback

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation believes that effective philanthropy requires clear communication and respectful relationships with our grantees. To improve our grantmaking, we welcome grantee feedback.

Contacting the Foundation directly

Grantees are encouraged to provide feedback directly to program staff about any aspect of the grantmaking process. They are also welcome to email the Foundation at

Providing feedback anonymously

Grantees may submit comments through a third-party site by clicking here. Responses are collected and relayed back to the Foundation without any identifying information.

The Grantee Perception Report

Beginning in 2003, the Foundation has periodically commissioned the Center for Effective Philanthropy to survey our grantees to gain a sense of how well they perceive the Foundation is serving their needs. The collected data is compiled in a Grantee Perception Report. To learn more and read the most recent Hewlett Foundation Grantee Perception Report, please click here.