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Deeper Learning

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For teachers, deeper learning is about letting go 

On a recent afternoon in Jennifer Burgin’s second-grade classroom at Oakridge Elementary in Arlington, Va., some students were working on a fractions game on iPads; others were making colorful drawings of part-whole relationships using crayons and paper; and others were researching national parks or working on poems. One boy held a stuffed panda, another had…

Deeper learning, six years later 

When the Hewlett Foundation introduced its deeper learning grantmaking in 2010, the goal was to spread a concrete set of skills that American students should be learning. The strategy anticipated that high schoolers who gain academic knowledge alongside inter and intra-personal skills in school will be better prepared as college students, workers and citizens.  At…

Diversity, equity and inclusion in education organizations 

Recent events — from police shootings to polarized national political debates — underscore the urgency and challenges of building diversity, equity and inclusion into our everyday work. The tensions and conflicts we are experiencing sadden us and compel us to act. Over the summer of 2016, our Education Program launched a diversity, equity and inclusion ...

Building the deeper learning field, grant by grant 

In 2010, the Hewlett Foundation committed to an ambitious vision for improving public education in the U.S. by ensuring underserved students develop the skills and knowledge to succeed in college, careers and civic life in the 21st century. Education First, an advisory organization for education leaders, has had the privilege of working alongside the foundation…

New assessments help teachers innovate in classrooms 

Teens are often cautioned about what they post online because their digital profile will follow them well beyond their youth. Students at Del Lago Academy, a public high school in Escondido, Calif., are counting on it. Their teachers are embracing an innovative approach to assessment using digital badges. Similar to scout merit badges, these online…

Why is deeper learning important? 

We live in a fast-changing world. Every two years, the amount of digital information more than doubles. What is novel today may become quickly outdated. Experts predict that nearly two-thirds of elementary school students will one day hold a job that hasn’t been created yet. But our schools look the same as they did in…

California Education Policy Fund 

This evaluation provides an assessment of The Hewlett Foundation’s California Education Policy Fund (CEPF) in the 2014-2015 year to inform CEPF’s annual grantmaking strategies. With an annual grantmaking budget of about $3 million, CEPF supports organizations advancing a wide range of policies that focus on “deeper learning” in California schools. CEPF specifically prioritizes grantees’ efforts ...

Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning 

The Hewlett Foundation’s Education Program supported consultant Getting Smart and grantee Digital Promise in examining the role of leaders and leadership development in fostering school-wide deeper learning efforts, including those in Hewlett’s deeper learning strategy. Following up on their report, “Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning,” the authors draw on lessons learned from the experience of ...

Creating the Conditions for Deeper Learning 

Katrina Schwartz, writing for KQED’s MindShift blog, on the new Deeper Learning Planning Guide by Monica Martinez and Dennis McGrath: Many school administrators, teachers and parents want the education provided to children to be high quality, rigorous and connected to the world outside the classroom. Teachers are trying to provide these elements in various ways, but a group of ...
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