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The Education Program in 2012


Rather than memorizing facts from their textbooks, these high school students at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology, part of ConnectEd’s California network, learn about anatomy by working together on a hands-on project. This kind of collaboration is a hallmark of deeper learning – where students master academic content by advancing their critical thinking skills, learning to communicate effectively and solving complex problems collaboratively. Photo: Jan Sturmann/ConnectEd    


  • Increase economic opportunity and civic engagement by educating students to succeed in a changing world through deeper learning
  • Improve the conditions for education reform in California
  • Equalize access to knowledge for teachers and students around the globe through Open Educational Resources
  • Raise educational achievement in disadvantaged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area


In 2012, the Education Program made 120 grants to 82 organizations, totaling over $35 million.

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