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2012 Board of Directors and Officers

as of December 31, 2012


Walter B. Hewlett
Palo Alto, California

Harvey V. Fineberg, MD
Vice Chair
Washington, DC

Larry D. Kramer
Palo Alto, California

Byron Auguste
Washington, DC

Eleanor H. Gimon
Greenwich, Connecticut

Patricia A. House
San Mateo, California

Koh Boon Hwee

Mary H. Jaffe
Portland, Oregon

Richard C. Levin
New Haven, Connecticut

Stephen C. Neal
Los Altos Hills, California

Rakesh Rajani
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sarah Singh
San Francisco, California

Jean Gleason Stromberg
Washington, DC


Larry D. Kramer

Laurance R. Hoagland, Jr.
Vice President and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Susan Ketcham
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Elizabeth Peters
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary