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Effective Philanthropy Group

The Effective Philanthropy Group helps improve the Foundation’s own grantmaking practice and invests in key institutions such as the Center for Effective Philanthropy, which provides data to funders in order to strengthen the field overall. Panel discussion participants onstage at the organization’s 2011 National Conference in Boston discuss the conference theme, “From data to impact.” Photo: The Center for Effective Philanthropy


  • Increase and improve information available to donors about nonprofit performance in order to increase giving to high impact nonprofits*
  • Create and disseminate knowledge about effective philanthropy in order to improve philanthropic practices
  • Bolster our grantees' health and ability to be high-performing organizations so that they are more likely to achieve their and the Foundation's shared goals

*We will be sunsetting this strategy in 2013 and using the lesson to inform future work.


In 2012, the Effective Philanthropy Group made 50 grants to 37 organizations, totaling over $4 million, with an additional $1.9 million to 49 grantees to support their organizational effectiveness.

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