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Deeper Learning: Rahil's Story

In the current global economy, jobs increasingly require high skills. The U.S. education system needs to be aligned with these high-skilled jobs to ensure that today’s students will be able to compete in tomorrow’s job market. This requires that young people learn, process, and produce more than their parents and grandparents. To meet these demands, students will need “deeper learning,” a mix of knowledge, skills, and disposition that includes critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, collaboration, an academic mindset, and the ability to learn how to learn—all applied to the mastery of rigorous academic content.

Rahil is a student at Impact Academy, part of Envision Schools, a network of public charter schools in San Francisco that are preparing him with the skills he will need when he enters the workforce. Watch the video to learn more about Rahil's story. Visit to learn more about Deeper Learning.