Quality Education: Tracking Resources

The head teacher looks on outside Lucknow, India, as surveyors check her school accounts to see if the school had received all of its funds from the government. Photo by Dana Schmidt/Hewlett Foundation.

Governments and international donors invest billions of dollars in education every year. Unfortunately, their funds are not always allocated with the explicit goal of ensuring student performance. Thus, these resources are often poorly directed. Equally troublesome is that there are few tracking mechanisms to ensure that money reaches schools. In many countries, it is likely that a significant amount of the money allocated for education is not used for its intended purposes.

QEDC makes grants to organizations working globally and in specific countries to advocate among donors and governments for sufficient and sustained investments directed at improving learning.* QEDC also funds efforts to improve the oversight of expenditures in education. To do this, QEDC has funded civil society monitoring of resource allocations, budget tracking, and innovative models for donor funding. The objectives of our international and in-country activities in this area are to ensure that education budgets are transparent; that allocations maximize learning; and that parents, communities, educators, and education systems are accountable for children’s learning. This area of QEDC’s strategy is closely tied to the Global Development’s work on transparency and accountability.

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* While the Foundation's grants may be used to support public education, nonpartisan research and analysis, and policy-related activities, the Foundation's funds cannot be directed towards IRS-defined lobbying, which is outside the legal scope of the Foundation's mission.

The Foundation occasionally makes general operating support grants to organizations, always based on the grantee's organizational priorities and their compatibility with the Foundation's ethos and goals.

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