Transparency & Accountability in Mexico


Training community leaders in Mazamitla and Valle de Juárez, Sierra del Tigre, Jalisco.


At the Hewlett Foundation’s office in Mexico City, the Global Development and Population Program staff has been working to combat poverty and corruption by helping local organizations obtain and share government-held information. In the wake of Mexico’s transition to a multi-party democracy, these Hewlett grantees have used recently enacted freedom of information laws to learn such things as how public money is being used to benefit the poor.

To date, the Foundation’s work in Mexico has advanced transparency and accountability by fostering of a diverse community of civil society organizations, mostly Mexican, that works together to promote greater openness between government and the public. The program has also worked directly with Mexico’s Federal Institute for Access to Information to encourage this.

Among the successes of Global Development and Population Program grantees in Mexico are:

  • Helping to extend freedom of information laws to state and local governments.
  • Increasing understanding of state and local budgets and the capacity of civil society organizations to monitor and analyze them, as well as advocate for effective use of this public money.
  • Completing a major pilot project to understand how poor communities can use information access laws.
  • Sharing with Mexican journalists international experiences on the relevance of transparency and accountability for investigative reporting.
  • Increasing the emphasis on government transparency and accountability as a factor in international competitiveness.
  • Gaining eligibility for tax-deductible status for Mexican civil society organizations that work on transparency and accountability. Using information technology tools to foster a network of national, state, and local organizations that focus on access to information in Mexico.

The Global Development and Population Program does not accept unsolicited Letters of Inquiry for its Transparency and Accountability in Mexico grantmaking.