Artists and arts organizations must have the resources they need to grow and thrive. Of course, this means money, but it also means that grantees need easy ways to collaborate, access to useful data about their fields, and the ability to train and retain quality staff. Often, however, arts organizations find themselves without this infrastructure necessary for success. The Program invests in critical infrastructure and organizing efforts to encourage solutions to the field’s needs.

This investment is made through three categories of support: encouraging connections within the arts community; providing tools for collecting, organizing, and accessing field information; and ensuring proper human and financial capitalization.

  • Connection. We encourage increased cooperation and sharing of information about best practices across the field. Grantees include arts service organizations and other funders that enable arts organizations to cooperate and address the collective needs of specific disciplines or communities. A small portion of this work includes sponsorship of conferences and workshops.
  • Field information. We invest in activities that provide tools, standards, and services for collecting and using reliable data about the state of the performing arts in the Bay Area. With better information about the arts environment and its constituent organizations, artists, arts administrators, funders, and policymakers can make decisions that will be most effective. The Program funds activities including research studies like the California Cultural Data Project and other tools that benefit the arts sector.
  • Human and financial capital. Arts organizations struggle to attract, train, and retain staff. This funding area addresses organizational capacity issues across the field through projects like Arts Leadership Forward and other professional development opportunities. In addition to human capital, organizations need financial capital to succeed. The Program’s strategy in this area is to support grantees’ overall financial health, primarily through its preference for providing multiyear general operating support whenever possible.

The Program does not accept unsolicited Letters of Inquiry for its Infrastructure grantmaking at this time. We encourage Bay Area performing arts grantseekers to explore additional resources with these organizations that provide support for arts organizations and individual artists.