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Closing in on a clean energy future 

Recently, ClimateWorks Foundation and the Climate Action Tracker published a report, “Faster and Cleaner 2: Kick-starting Global Decarbonization,” that summarized progress in three major sectors of the economy — power, transportation and buildings. The good news is that renewable energy is transforming electricity in ways that have exceeded expectations. Likewise, the rise of electric vehicles…

Why philanthropy must do more on climate change 

History is replete with examples of societies that vanished when the local climate changed. But the threat we face from climate change today is much greater than that, because it’s not local, it’s global. Human activity is changing the climate of the entire world, and the impact will be felt everywhere and by everyone—particularly those…

On the new administration and climate change 

For those who care about the future of our planet, last week offered an unexpected glimmer of hope from the president-elect. For the first time, Donald Trump indicated he was open to fulfilling our international commitments on climate change, and he said that clean air and water are “vitally important.” Or maybe not. Days later, ...

What environmental justice means to me 

The first time I became aware of the concept of environmental justice, I was in Jamaica as a Peace Corps volunteer. A neighboring oil plant contaminated the water supply of the community I was staying at. People woke up to their tap water being brownish in color and having odd metallic taste. They felt nausea ...

Bears Ears, a land of culture and mystery 

Update: On December 28, President Obama has designated Bears Ears as a national monument. This historic action to protect an unique and culturally important land is part of our nation’s legacy to honor Native Americans and our shared history.   In southeast Utah, five sovereign Native American nations have come together as the Bears Ears Inter-tribal…

The biggest climate moment since the Paris accord 

UPDATE: On October 12, parties to the Montreal Protocol reached an agreement to phase out use of climate-changing hydrofluorocarbons. “This is a historic moment in the fight to mitigate global warming, as well as a unique opportunity to improve quality of life in developing nations,” said Larry Kramer, president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, which ...


The Education Program makes grants to help students succeed in college, work and civic life by building towards deeper learning competencies and expanding access to open educational resources.


Environment Program grantmaking 

The Environment Program funds organizations working in areas that align with our program strategies and initiatives. The Environment Program accepts letters of inquiry for its western conservation, climate and energy, and serving Bay Area communities grantmaking at any time. The program’s grants are awarded solely for charitable purposes. There are no deadlines. Our approach The vast majority of ...
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