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Q&A with Sameer Bhalotra: Cybersecurity’s most pressing problems 

With a global ransomware attack on more than 150 countries creating disruptions for thousands of businesses, hospitals and universities and the repercussions from last year’s DNC hack still a matter of intense public interest, the challenge of crafting effective cyber policies is only becoming more urgent. Earlier this year, the Center for Strategic and International ...

Closing in on a clean energy future 

Recently, ClimateWorks Foundation and the Climate Action Tracker published a report, “Faster and Cleaner 2: Kick-starting Global Decarbonization,” that summarized progress in three major sectors of the economy — power, transportation and buildings. The good news is that renewable energy is transforming electricity in ways that have exceeded expectations. Likewise, the rise of electric vehicles…

This is what demography looks like 

Editor’s note: Ruth Levine, director of the Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development and Population Program, delivered these remarks at the Population Association of America’s annual meeting in Chicago on April 28th. Among the attendees were Hewlett Foundation’s grantee organizations, including researchers and communications specialists from universities, think tanks, and other groups working on reproductive health, population dynamics, and women’s ...

Why philanthropy must do more on climate change 

History is replete with examples of societies that vanished when the local climate changed. But the threat we face from climate change today is much greater than that, because it’s not local, it’s global. Human activity is changing the climate of the entire world, and the impact will be felt everywhere and by everyone—particularly those…

From promise to progress: Takeaways from Hewlett Foundation’s 50th anniversary symposium 

How is the social sector adapting to solve the world’s most pressing problems? That’s the theme of a two-day symposium the Hewlett Foundation hosted at Stanford University recently to mark our 50th anniversary. Over 300 philanthropy professionals and nonprofit leaders from large and small organizations gathered to discuss the history and future of philanthropy, how to work ...
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