Grantee Perception Reports

Since 2003, the Hewlett Foundation has regularly commissioned a “Grantee Perception Report” to get feedback from grantees on our performance and our relationship with their organizations. The survey is conducted by the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), and contains a mix of quantitative and qualitative responses, benchmarked against our own past performances as well as the results of our peer funders who also work with CEP to administer the survey to their grantees.

CEP’s report to us protects the anonymity of respondents, and provides detailed information across a number of dimensions, such as our knowledge of grantees’ fields and our impact on their organizations, that our staff uses to evaluate our work and make changes to our practices where necessary. 

2015 Grantee Perception Report


The following summary highlights key findings about grantees' perceptions of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation compared to other foundations whose grantees CEP has surveyed. Throughout this report, results are described as 'more positive' when an average rating is higher than that of 65 percent of funders in CEP's dataset, and 'less positive' when a rating is lower than that of 65 percent of funders.

Overall, Hewlett grantees continue to have very positive perceptions of the Foundation compared to grantees of the typical funder. The Foundation has maintained or improved on many of the ratings it received in 2013. Hewlett receives ratings that are statistically significantly higher than in 2013 for its overall transparency.

Hewlett’s understanding of grantees’ fields, advancement of knowledge, and effect on public policy continue to be areas of strength for the Foundation, with grantees providing ratings that are higher than those of 80 percent of funders in CEP’s dataset.

Particularly compared to other large foundations, Hewlett continues to be rated more positively than typical for the strength of its relationships with grantees.

As in 2013, Hewlett grantees rate the Foundation’s impact on their organizations and the helpfulness of its selection and reporting/evaluation processes similar to the typical funder.

Grantees express appreciation for general operating support provided and those grantees receiving general operating support rate significantly higher for the Foundation’s impact on their organizations, among other measures.

Grantees suggestions also mirror those in past surveys, most frequently requesting changes to the quality and quantity of interactions with the Foundation, additional assistance beyond the grant, and adjustments to Hewlett’s selection process.

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