#HewlettListens Education Tweet Chat

Join the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for a tweet chat conversation about how you think our grantmaking can best support great ideas and strong institutions in education.

We want to hear from you. Teachers, school administration, education organizations, grantmakers, and anyone else with an interest in innovative teaching practices and improved learning outcomes is welcome to join the online conversation.

Friday, June 1, 2018

10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PT

Host: @Hewlett_Found

Education Program Director


Education Program Officer



Ideas for how focusing on specific geographic areas, communities, and education systems can be an effective strategy for grantmakers.

Ideas about the role grantmakers can play in ensuring that successful teaching and learning opportunities are available to students furthest from opportunity.

#HewlettListens Tweet Chat Themes

Ideas for how grantmakers can support educators who strive to continually improve their teaching practice and foster deeper learning in the classroom.




We're spending 2018 talking to people to understand what has worked and where we could do better in our grantmaking.

Our program director, Kent McGuire, talks about who we’re hoping to hear from, what we are hoping to learn, and why education matters to him.

WATCH > Kent McGuire on a strategy refresh for Hewlett’s education program

A tweet chat is a conversation that takes place on Twitter on a specific date and time. 

Everyone participating in the conversation uses the same hashtag (#HewlettListens) in their tweets. To make it easier to follow along, use Twitter or a tool like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

The host will pose questions on Twitter. These tweets will start Q1, Q2, and so on. You then answer the questions by posting a tweet that starts A1, A2, and so on, and also includes the hashtag. At any point, you can ask us questions about our education strategy refresh. Share your ideas and questions at any time — just be sure to use the #HewlettListens hashtag in your tweets.

How to participate in a tweet chat

#HewlettListens Tweet Chat

Join @Hewlett_Found on Twitter on June 1 at 10:30 a.m. PT for the #HewlettListens tweet chat about how our grantmaking can best support teachers and deeper learning in the classroom. With guests @ckmcguire and @HFMarcChun.

Photos courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.

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